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The sounds that you hear in the background (and also you hear on my Homepage) are from me. I created these sound files with YAMAHA´s Visual Arranger.







Summary: These pages offer you information about my projects. You will then hit on my hot list showing you my favorite sites on the Internet. If you develop taste in searching and investigating the web after reading my article on how you may inquire the web, you can start an internet search right here.

If you believe having the need to tell me somehing, there are different ways to contact me. If yuh figger writin´ me (comments / suggestions / questions) and yuhr not gittin´ eemediate reeply—relax, wait and stay cool, I respect you and I´ll answer you

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Old Projects

Current Projects


  • 1997—Internet presentation for alaya.org—organisation for the linking of academic institutiones of asian philosophy and cultur
  • 1997-98—Graduating. Master thesis with the title: "Origin and Development of Buddhism in Contributions of the Zhongguo Da Baike Quanshu and The New Encyclopædia Britannica-Macropædia—A Comparative Analysis" which will be available partially online here. (Now online is only the table of contents)
  • 1998—Internet presentation for the Berlin freelance artist JT VISUMAN: "From the Subject to the Project"
  • 1998—Internet presentation for the scientific computer simulation programm TRIM (TRansport of Ions in Matter)

  • Project realization: Internet presentation for the enviromental telecast "Ökologo" of the number one television company in Berlin: SFB
  • Project realization: Toolkit for Online Editors—A help in a new field for journalists (only a German version)
  • Since Sept. 1998—Further training—at the mediadesign akademie Berlin—having the Online Editor as profesional aim in view
  • Have a look at my HTML-playground and test area: edu.mediadesign.de/or/peter

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  With the following list I do not claim to provide an objektive valuation in any way. This is my personal list of Cool Links. Here is my purely personal hotlist:

A great reference work is the Encyclopædia Britannica which I have on CD-ROM. You can have free access to the online version for a week. If you wish to test this fantastic reference work select the free trial directly at the site of the Encyclopædia Britannica Online.

Encyclopaedia Britannica 
  I have a few favorite places at CompuServe. One is the California Forum---the Sysops provide friendly and competent tips and answers. For awhile now already the friendly people of the California Forum of CompuServe are present on the internet: California-Forum. 

  Are you interested in the X-files? Then you should have a look at the original F B I pages. Especially the facts you see at http://www.fbi.gov/foipa/ufo.htm on UFOs and other mysterious cases are very ... mysterious ...


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Unsure about spelling a name or uncertain of how the Web-Site was called? Find help under: sync-sys.com/amnesi. Do you need to translate a text or want to look up a certain word? You can even look up Clingon words; look up and translate online in more than 600 dictionaries.


Next to the well-known and big Search-Engines like Altavista and Lycos, there are also Infoseek and Excite - and my favorite: Yahoo. I consider Yahoo great because it's easy to handle, up-to-date, and well structured.

When looking for structured information in German, look at the German Yahoo. Next to the Web.de you can also query Altavista in German.

  Find a list of more Search-Engines at: http://www.search.com.



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